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Every day more than 1,000 kids are treated in emergency departments for physical assault-related injuries. In 2021 at least 4 in 7 children reported having experienced child abuse and/or neglect. More than two thirds of children in the United States or roughly 48,000,000 reported at least 1 traumatic event by age 16.

How your contribution and donation helps:

  • We are lobbying top state leaders for effective, compassionate, workable laws; to advocate for effective youth treatment options.

  • Creating custom marketing assets to showcase and share the positive experiences our past students and families have experienced.

  • Engaging in a public relations efforts to improve the visibility and understanding of our industry.

  • To develop and publish universal standards and best practices for youth treatment.

Please don’t wait — your VOICE should be heard today. Give now to empower, educate and promote the valuable contributions our industry makes for youth and families across the state of Utah.

Most people are choosing to donate $2,000

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