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Collaboration, Partnerships & Industry Unity: SB127 Interim Hearing Highlights

In June our industry came together with Utah State Legislature & the Department of Health and Human Services to discuss the future of Congregate Care across the state of Utah. In specific the unintended consequences of SB127 and SB239.

We reviewed recommended changes and updates that need to be made to these laws. We had the opportunity to share specific issues and challenges while outlining the direct impact families and providers face across the industry.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • The size and contributions of our industry across the State

  • Number of Clients who need Congregate Care Services but cannot receive them due to current laws (dropped 30%+ year over year)

  • Staffing and employee safety risks

  • Appeals system of Violations, Corrective Action Plans and Notice of Agency Actions

  • Further Definitions of Restraints and Seclusion

We've put together a highlight video of the session which can be viewed below. .

Additional Tools and Resources From the Meeting:

Agenda: Click to Download

Download PDF • 105KB

Draft Minutes: Click to Download

Download PDF • 236KB

Economic Impact: Click to Download

Economic Impact
Download PDF • 307KB

Economic Impact Summary: Click to Download

Summary Economic Impact
Download PDF • 198KB

Minutes with Audio Clips: Click to View

Watch the Full Replay: Click Below

For all additional information on the session: Click Here

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to a member of the VOICE Board or respond to this email.



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