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New Bill Alert - S.B. 239 Congregate Care Program Amendments 02-22-2022

A new Bill has been introduced to the Utah House and Senate which amends provisions related to congregate care programs. Some highlights of the new Bill include the following:

Highlighted Provisions:

This bill:

  • defines terms;

  • modifies the definition of "congregate care program";

  • removes the requirement that restraint and seclusion procedures align with industry standards;

  • requires a congregate care program to allow confidential voice-to-voice communication unless certain circumstances are met;

  • requires a youth transportation company to register with the office;

  • requires individuals who transport a child for a youth transportation company to submit to a background check;

  • imposes a criminal penalty for referring individuals to youth transportation companies in exchange for remuneration, or fee sharing;

  • creates a fee for registration of a youth transportation company; and makes technical changes.

You can download the full Bill BELOW

Download PDF • 170KB

Or you can visit the State Website -

Don't forget to register for our up coming virtual meeting in March where we will be discussing this new Bill and much more. REGISTER HERE <----


VOICE - Utah

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